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Underfloor Heating

If you have ever stepped barefoot onto a cold tiled floor on a winter morning, it's easy to understand why the installation of underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular in homes up and down the country. Not only does it feel nice underfoot, but underfloor systems offer an efficient way to help heat your home as they require lower flow temperatures than conventional radiators.

What's more, as underfloor heating covers a larger surface area, it warms the room it is installed in more evenly, meaning no more cold spots or draughts.

As a hidden heating system that is installed under your flooring, it is ideal for open plan, contemporary homes as well as those where wall space is at a premium. 

If you want to know more about the underfloor heating options available, or you'd like to discuss your requirements with us, contact us at or by calling 07585221212.

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